‘2016 Movie Trailer Mashup’ is a Year in Review for Film Trailers


2016 has been the year of dirty politics and we’re still salty about the election, but on the bright side, this year has been a golden year for emerging actors, independent films, and a wave of sci-fi.

While every cinephile is creating their top 2016 movie/tv lists, where is the love for trailers? A good trailer is everything to a film. A small teaser to a superhero flick has viewers hyped, and Oscar bait films insert title cards on actors and directors to dress them up as an awards-worthy film.

See if you can spot your favorite films in this deftly cut video by YouTuber and social media savvy Sleepy Skunk, who has compiled a 2016 Movie Trailer mashup for the films of 2016. P.S. Shoutout for the Matrix flashback with the track ‘Clubbed to Death’ used as the opening song.

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