‘Black Holes’: The Hilarious Animated Short That Might Spawn a Cult Following


Black Holes from NOODLES on Vimeo.

This hit Sundance 2017 selection was a crowd-favorite with its highly stylized animation and oddly endearing and quirky characters. It centers on an astronaut, Dave, who is at odds with his new partner: an intelligent melon. Yes, you read that right. Dave is a smooth-talking astronaut with all the familiar stylings of an overly self-assured spy (and a fondness for space-prohibited flan) who is selected by NASA for their first human mission to Mars. All is well until he learns that his new partner is a piece of fruit who is seemingly taking over Dave’s life. The melon claims he is a reincarnation of a fashion designer. Now Dave, a formerly smooth, assured man, is suddenly starting to doubt himself for the first time ever.

Black Holes is a deliciously animated short whose off-kilter humor will surely be a hit with audiences. It’s a breath of fresh air the world of animation could surely use. And if the current short is any indication, we’re certain the series would develop a cult following. It’s that good.

If you enjoyed this short, consider donating toward their Kickstarter they hope will fund Season 1 of an animated sitcom.

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