Behind-the-Scenes at Avatar: Discover Pandora


James Cameron’s Avatar was released almost seven years ago but still stands today as a prime example of the profound potential of world-building in filmmaking. With it’s immersive, lushly detailed aesthetic, the world of Avatar is a vivid one which will soon be accessible IRL too—through the ‘AVATAR: Discover Pandora‘ exhibit newly unveiled in Taipei, Taiwan today.

Revealing some of the painstaking detail taken from the movie transferred into tactile form, a new video shares some behind-the-scenes glimpses at what’s sure to be a popular attraction. Side-stepping the standard cheesy narration, we’ve gathered some visual highlights from the video for you below. While some of the imagery looks promising, we’re still holding out for something built stateside. In the meantime, check out what went into the ‘AVATAR: Discover Pandora’ exhibit below:






Watch the video: 

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