Breaking Bad: The Movie


What if Breaking Bad was a movie? Imagine the difficulty of having to summarize the whole series into a meager two hours, but in a way that is fresh for new fans and an homage to the original series. It’s an arduous task, but a few anonymous editors were surprisingly able to whittle down to five seasons into a two-hour “movie”. As you can imagine, going through that much material is an insane task, and the editing process took almost two years – true dedication. 

The aim, of course, wasn’t about cherrypicking the best scenes. “It’s not a fan-film, hitting the highlights of the show in a home-made homage, but rather a re-imagining of the underlying concept itself, lending itself to full feature-length treatment. An alternative ‘Breaking Bad,’ to be viewed with fresh eyes.” 

Fans who want to relive the best moments and see their beloved series as a feature film should definitely check it out. It goes without saying, there are definitely spoilers.

Source: IndieWire


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