steve aka Flying Lotus’ ‘Kuso’ is One Hyper-Bizarre Film


Crawl down the rabbit hole and experience Flying Lotus’ Kuso, an acid trip that is easily an arthouse film that will likely be described either as genius or as simply a reactionary film that features grotesque metaphors to make the viewers nauseous. Kuso is about the titular character who manages to survive Los Angeles’ largest quake nightmare and encounters survivors that are trying to come to grips with the aftermath–well, from the looks of it, anyway. Travelling in between television screens and aftershocks, and into the twisted survivor’s life, the trailer for the film is one that makes our skin crawl.

Do you dare watch? 

Kuso is the revered beatsmith’s feature length directorial debut and it the latest in a wave of output from musicians and non-traditional filmmakers marking an era of increased cross-pollination between creative industries. The musician slash filmmaker’s previous project, a short film entitled Royal, premiered last year at the 2016 Sundance NEXT fest held in Los Angeles at the Ace Hotel DTLA.

Kuso will premiere at Sundance in a few short days.


Director: steve aka Steve Ellison/Flying Lotus
Producers: Eddie Alcazar
Screenplay: Steve Ellison, David Firth, Zack Fox
Original Music: Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Akira Yamaoka

Starring: Iesha Coston, Zack Fox, Buttress, Shane Carpenter, Oumi Zumi, Mali Matsuda, Tim Heidecker, Hannibal Buress, Donnell Rawlings, Anders Holm, Regan Farquhar, David Firth, George Clinton


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