Pure Comedy: Father John Misty’s New Album + Short Film


Crooner Father John Misty, beloved as much for his musical talents as his oddities, has just announced a new album: Pure Comedy. The new full-length will be Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman’s first LP since 2015’s well-received release, I Love You, Honeybear. Accompanying the announcement, Father John Misty shared a short film previewing some of the forthcoming songs from the release.

Under the direction of Grant James, Pure Comedy: The Film is a monochromatic but smoldering affair: a somber observation of Tillman in and out of his studio, dealing with some inner turmoil. All is set against the backdrop of a Los Angeles seen in flames and an assemblage of absurdist cartoon illustrations.

Bits and pieces of music from the new album are choppily stitched together alongside arrangements by composer Gavin Bryars, with distortions and manipulations echoing what we can only assume will be an album grappling with the tug and pull between grief and anger, pondering the complexities of what makes us human.

Watch Pure Comedy: The Film below.

If you can’t get enough of the Father John Misty’s mythos, his new site is worth a visit, with animated illustrations similar to the artwork you may have spotted in his short.

Pure Comedy, the album, comes out via SubPop on April 17. Pre-order it here.

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