‘Moonlight’ and The Worlds of Wong Kar-wai


It’s no secret Barry Jenkins is a big fan of Wong Kar-wai. The filmmaker, whose poignant hit ‘Moonlight’ is nominated this year for eight Oscar categories—including Best Director and Best Picture—has spoken at length about his admiration of the Hong Kong auteur.

A new video essay by YouTuber Alessio Marinacci brings those influences to a tighter visual conclusion with a side-by-side comparison of imagery from Moonlight and the films of Wong Kar-wai, including In the Mood for LoveDays of Being Wild, and more.

For a deeper dive, watch Criterion’s video with Barry Jenkins where he speaks specifically on how films like Chungking Express influenced the director—from emotional resonance to the freedom of Kar-wai’s juxtaposition of images, and the sense of yearning imbued in many of Kar-wai’s films.

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