Treat Your Insomnia with 40+ Hours of Ambient Sounds From ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Alien’ + More


Can’t sleep? An illustrious YouTuber has taken the ambient sounds of films like Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Alien and created hours-long soundscapes to aid in helping you catch some shut-eye. The samples taken range from the sound of a ship’s engine idling in Star Wars, to the droning sound from Blade Runner‘s Rich Decker’s apartment. We’re not sure if these actually help at all, but as any insomniac knows, we’ll take what we can get. Check out a few of the ambient sounds loops we’ve picked below.

For more sounds: click here.

Blade Runner Ambient Deckard’s Apartment (12 hrs)

Alien: Nostromo Ambient Engine (12hrs)

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker’s Childhood Home (6 hrs)

Doctor Who: TARDIS Sound (12hrs)

Head on over to YouTube user Crysknife007’s channel for more. 

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