Amazon Video Direct to Extend FFS Program for Upcoming Film Festivals


‘Manifesto’ starring Cate Blanchett

Amazon Video Direct (AVD) has announced the extension of its indie program Film Festival Stars (FFS) to other film festivals in 2017. FFS was established in order to create an attractive distribution model for young filmmakers who want their films monetized. Under the FFS program, rights holders receive a one-time, non-recoupable cash bonus up to $100K. Films that are chosen and aired on Amazon will have a double royalty rate of $.30/hour in the U.S. and $.12/hour in foreign territories.

The FSS program was so successful at Sundance 2017 that the web stream giant plans to bring their program to SXSW, Tribeca, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Twelve films opting into the program include Cate Blanchett‘s Manifesto, Free and Easy, Machines, I Dream in Another Language, and Pope Aye.

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