Game of Thrones Officially Announces Season 7 Premiere Date


Game of Thrones has announced the premiere date for Season 7 on Twitter. The video is a long animated clip that features the main house sigils and character voiceovers. It ends with an ominous message. “There’s only one war that matters: the great war. And it is here.” The last image is a blue eye, implying the great war is most likely Westeros vs. the white walkers.

Last season (Spoilers!),  Cersei Lannister seized the throne and Jon Snow prepared for the impending white walker invasion. Daenerys, finally, left the City of Meereen and headed for Kings Landing to reclaim the Iron Throne with her ships, her three dragons, and army–so we better see her dragons in action. The official poster was released,  and the image is clearly a reference to the book series’ name: a Song of Ice and Fire. Season 7 premieres July 17.

Source: Variety

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