Huayi Brothers Media is Planning to Produce Akira Kurosawa’s Last Unfilmed Screenplay


Kurosawa and Mifune on set of RED BEARD

China’s Huayi Brothers Media has announced that they are planning to adapt The Masque of the Black Death, Akira Kurosawa‘s last unfilmed script. Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s The Masque of Red Death, the short story follows a prince and his noblemen who confine themselves in a castle to avoid an epidemic. The courtiers hold a masquerade party as a distraction, but they unwittingly invite the Red Death as their guest. The screenplay was written right after he directed Dersu Uzala, and he finished the script in 1998.

Kurosawa is Japan’s most influential filmmaker and is recognized by the West for his talents. His famous film The Seven Samurai was adapted into The Magnificent Seven for the US audience.

Source: Screendaily

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