Listen to the Spine Chilling Intro of ‘Inside Psycho’


Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho remains one of Hollywood’s most influential films. Who could forget the iconic shower scene and the screeching violin? The film inspired A&E to craft Bates Motel, a TV series that focused on Norman Bates. Sundance even screened 78/52, a documentary that deconstructs the famous shower scene. So it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if there’s a podcast series dedicated to Psycho.

Inside Psycho is an upcoming podcast series that weaves reality and fiction. Producer and host Mark Ramsey transports listeners into the mind of Alfred Hitchcock but recounts the events that would inspire the film. Simply put, “Inside Psycho is a biopic without pictures. It’s a movie with sound only.”

Fans of suspense would want to stick around and listen to an exclusive intro from the podcast series. Inside Psycho premieres on March 24, 2017.

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