NBC Universal Invests in ATP over Nielsen Ratings


‘The Secret Life of Pets’ ad campaign with Chrysler was a big success

NBC Universal sell $1 billion of its inventory in this year’s upfront market based on Audience Targeting Platform (ATP). NBCUniversal will make their data more accessible to advertisers, and ad companies can place commercials for their targeted consumers. The deal is part of NBCU’s Symphony strategy: “Buyers can promote their wares using the company’s celebrities across broadcast, cable, and digital properties– as well as Comcast’s distribution assets and theme parks.”

A few years ago, NBC only made ATP exclusive for certain brand segments. Case in point, Chrysler’s Pacifica enlisted Seth Meyers and Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets to draw in consumers. The film’s ad campaign was a success and prompted NBC to reconsider ATP sales for its TV networks.

Source: Deadline

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