Daughters of the Dust


Daughters of the Dust is director Julie Dash’s landmark film following a multi-generational family of former West African slaves living in the Gullah community on the Sea Islands off of South Carolina. Although they’ve adopted and kept many of their Yoruba ancestors’ traditions, the fight to maintain their heritage is put to a test as they contemplate migration to the mainland. As the first wide release by a black female filmmaker, the 25th anniversary restoration of Daughters of the Dust comes at a time in which questions of race, society, and cultural identity especially resonates.


Directed by: Julie Dash
Produced by: Lindsay Law, Julie Dash, Arthur Jafa, Steven Jones
Written by: Julie Dash
Starring: Cora Lee Day, Barbara O, Alva Rogers, Trula Hoosier, Umar Abdurrahamn, Adisa Anderson, Kaycee Moore,
Music by: John Barnes
Cinematography: Arthur Jafa
Distributed by: Kino International

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