The 7 Best Tricks Westworld Has Already Played on Us


There’s much to love about Westworld – and there’s nothing more enjoyable about the show than wondering if what we’re watching is real. Second best: spending our Monday mornings reading every available Westworld-related blog and its numerous, wacky theories about what’s to come.

Before you laugh at speculations run rampant, remember the half-dozen+ major twists the show has already laid on us – and this doesn’t even include the minor reveals, plot points, and unresolved cliffhangers. Here are our seven favorites for the most memorable tricks the showrunners have played on us in the show’s accompanying episodes:


Jeffrey Wright in Westworld

Bernard, We Never Really Knew Ye

Obviously, episode seven was a game-changer – one of the show’s biggest characters (spoiler alert), Bernard, was revealed to be a robot and turned out to have been programmed to murder Teresa. Woe unto him who did not suspect this twist – which, luckily, most viewers felt prepared for by groundwork throughout the earlier minutes of the episode.


Anthony Hopkins and Oliver Bell in Westworld

The Boy Is A Robot

A little boy wanders over to Dr. Ford, who isn’t that startled to see him. That’s how we’re introduced to an unnamed but key character in the show’s second episode. When Dr. Ford directs him to be on his merry way, the show reveals the boy is a robot and not a wayward guest like the boy who told Dolores she wasn’t real.

It’s a neat trick – but Westworld has another card to play in episode six, in which Ford tells Bernard that a host family he’s just encountered is actually a robot version of his own – “a gift from Arnold.” That means the boy is mostly likely Dr. Ford As A Boy, or Ford Boy.


Shannon Woodward in Westworld

The Humans See Everything

In episode five, employee Elsie confronts a maintenance goon who was filmed having sex with a host – that is, a non-human lifeform. She obviously has long known that men will stick it in anything and everything, while the audience should’ve also predicted this.

By “this,” I mean the fact that Elsie and her Westworld employers are recording video (or whatever they call it in the year 3046) of the goings-on outside the park. This changes everything – what does Bernard have on Arnold that could be found on video… and vice-versa? What does Elsie have on both of them? On the goings-on at the park? Will it help her find whoever is responsible for the “leaks”?

James Marsden in Westworld

Teddy Isn’t A Guest

The premiere episode’s biggest reveal is almost inarguably the twist that showed Teddy, whom we assumed is a guest (he arrived by train, fell hard for Robo Dolores), “dying” via gunshot wound from the Man In Black’s bullet. Hot damn, we thought upon seeing Teddy in the next moment, riding the train again, unaware of his previous fate and, of course, technological makeup. Now that’s how to start a series.

Anthony Hopkins in Westworld

The Creator Turns Out to Be Named Robert Ford

What do we know about Our Creator? (No, not that one.) Anthony Hopkins plays Dr. Ford, whose first name turns out to be Robert. There’s no way it’s a coincidence that he shares the name with the man who gunned down western outlaw Jesse James. But what does it have to do with the show? is one of the few sites I’ve found that picked up on this theory. They suggest a possible scenario in which Ford killed his “older mentor” Arnold for complicated political or personal reasons, much as “the Coward Robert Ford” did in 1882.


Ed Harris in Westworld

Dr. Ford Knows About the Man in Black

He may not have known that the Man in the Johnny Cash Getup was after the maze at the center of this universe (although he does after episode five), but it turns out, Ford may have been on to MiB all along.


Jimmi Simpson in Westworld

Multiple Timelines

There have been numerous theories about how the Man In Black is actually William in the White Hat roughly three decades later, which, if true, would be a major trick on the audience and a game changer.

While this hasn’t been confirmed, there are endless hints, including:

  • It’s clear there is a long history between MiB and Ford
  • “Dead” robots immediately resetting in William’s storyline
  • Dolores unaware of her fate in William’s storyline
  • MiB has learned a lot about the park and has clearly been coming here for, what, just around 30-something years
  • MiB and William have yet to cross paths, yet the show never indicates they aren’t covering the same ground at the same time.

What other tricks do you think Westworld has up their sleeve? 

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