Diane, Pour a Cup of Coffee… It’s Twin Peaks Day


Pour some coffee, it’s Twin Peaks Day! In anticipation of the revival of the beloved David Lynch show, Showtime released two new posters featuring Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper.

Today, February 24, is a day of remembrance for the day that the body of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) was found wrapped in plastic and the day that Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) arrived in the quaint hamlet, leaving audiences forever changed.

With the tagline “It Is Happening Again”, these posters promise that the wait for the Twin Peaks revival is well worth it.

Some Fun Facts about Twin Peaks:

  • Did you know that David Lynch and Mark Frost gave ABC a fake script for the season 1 finale?
  • Catherine E. Coulson (The Log Lady) still has the log. Sure, she’s been offered a lot of money for it, but Coulson takes it to conventions just for the fans
  • The much-used homecoming queen photo of Laura Palmer is Sheryl Lee’s real prom photo.
  • Hank’s prison number is 24601, the same as Jean Valjean’s in Les Miserables.

The Twin Peaks revival will pick up 25 years after the events of the original series. Very little is known about the plot, but the majority of cast members are returning. All 18 episodes have been directed by David Lynch, who co-wrote the series with Mark Frost.



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